Its Breast Cancer Awareness Month!


Its breast cancer awareness month this October. To support the cause, we introduce our newest creations - Pink beetroot and Proseco Hollandaise and our Pink beetroot chocolate dome!

For every beetroot hollandaise or beetroot chocolate dome sold we will donate a dollar to the Alberta Cancer Society to support their Breast Cancer Fund for cancer prevention, treatment, and research.

Through this fund, they have made a tremendous impact on Albertan lives via development of new advanced screening tests, research in genetic cancer indicators, clinical trials of cutting edge therapies, and new protocols to improve patient recovery following mastectomies.

One exciting component of their fund is the mobile mammography units. These units travel across our province to rural towns where Albertans would not otherwise have access to early cancer screening tools, these units have saved lives!

Come join the fight and help us support @albertacancer in making an impact on Alberta lives!