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How are we responding to COVID?

At Monki we’ve taken all the steps to ensure that we are a safe place to come and enjoy a meal. We’ve increased the frequency of sanitation as well as given more training to our team on how to conduct themselves in a cleaner manner. Our tables respect the AHS guidelines for social distancing, and we’ve made hand sanitizer available for all to use at their convenience. Amongst other protocols and procedures, we’ve done our very best to give peace of mind to our Monki guests! 

Do you take reservations?

We’d love to be able to take reservations, but due to our current table limitations it just wouldn’t be feasible for us. We’re currently operating on a first-come-first-serve basis, with a wait-list system in place once we’re full!  You may join the wait-list via our Home page. 

Please note that you may only join the wait-list if there is a wait in store.

What is Waitlist/Virtual Line Up?

Since we do leave a majority space for walk-ins, there is usually a wait-time during peak periods especially weekends & holidays (9AM – 2PM). But, you can check this wait-time as well as add yourself to the ‘virtual lineup’ by clicking the links below. We will then simply send you a text when your table is close to being ready and you can make your way at your ease! 

 Join Virtual Lineup at Beltline

Join Virtual Lineup at Inglewood

Please note that you may only join the wait-list if there is a wait in store.

This is a bit confusing! What's the difference between 'Reservation' & 'Waitlist'?

Yes, it does get a little confusing but here’s something that might help:

A reservation is an accepted request for a table at a certain time on a particular day.

A wait-list is a way to get into our restaurant in a an organized manner. A spot in line, with an estimated wait-time based off the number of parties ahead of you.

We will text you when your table is about to be ready so that you can make your way at that point! 

Usually, you can just walk-in during weekdays and expect a lineup on weekends or holidays.

Hope this helps!


Do you offer gluten free options?

Yes! We have a few gluten-free options available for those who require it. Feel free to call in or ask your server questions!

And what about nut allergies?

Although most of our menu items are nut-free, a few do contain nuts. Please inform your server and we will carefully accomodate.

Do you have vegan options?

We have a few dishes that can be made with vegans in mind.

Do you have a patio?

Yes! We have a beautiful patio that is open from May to September of the year

Who can we speak to regarding charity, donations and community work?

Community involvement is a major part of our core values. Please shoot us a note at eat@monkibistro.ca